Neil Hackett

Neil Hackett PhD, is an independent consultant based in Santa Monica, CA with extensive experience in  pre-clinical and translational programs for gene therapy.   He currently works with research groups and foundations to navigate stem cell and gene therapy projects through pre-IND to IND.  This includes project management, advising on proof-of-concept and  toxicology studies, vector manufacturing and regulatory writing.  His background includes professorial appointments at Vanderbilt University and Weill-Cornell Medical College resulting in over 100 academic publications.  Previous assignments include participating in design, qualification and management of a successful GMP facility for viral vector manufacturing and as coinvestigator in multiple gene therapy clinical trials for cardiac, pulmonary and neurological indications.  

Dr. Jeffery Hung

Dr. Hung has over 20 years of experience in the gene therapy, synthetic biology and drug development.  He joined Vigene in 2016 and orchestrated the acquisition of Omnia Biologics, a GMP manufacturer of viral vectors of 15 years.
He holds a Ph.D. in genetics from Cornell University, an MBA from UC Berkeley, and a B.S. in biology from Peking University.


The Jackson Laboratory

JAX researchers combine extensive experience in mammalian genetics and human genomics to shape a unique and integrated approach to personalized medicine. Scientists work collaboratively across disciplines to interrogate disease from all angles, leveraging diverse expertise in cancer, immunology (including diabetes), neurogenetics (including Alzheimer’s disease), life-cycle biology (including development, stem cells, aging and regenerative medicine), the microbiome and computational biology.


JAX have been conducting cutting-edge research since 1929. They have more than 70 research teams and 26 Nobel Prizes are associated with their research.

Chris Brannigan

Chairman (Hasti's dad)

The legs of Hope for Hasti ... if there's a physical challenge to be undertaken to raise awareness for the charity or to generate income, Chris will likely be the one doing it. 

An officer in the British Army since 2007 and a leader of teams big and small throughout his career.  But in the only team that counts, he is best known for his silly jokes, his love of books and getting lost on car journeys. 

Hengameh Brannigan 
 Head of Operations (Hasti's mum)

The brains and the heart of  Hope for Hasti. 


When the doctors said it couldn't be done, she did it.  When the teachers had no hope, her hope was a beacon. 

The indefatigable advocate of a little girl that deserves every chance, even if it has to be fought for, inch by inch.



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