12 Jun 20


Now that we have Vectors designed, the next major step is for JAX to begin to reconstitute the mice needed to begin their study of how CdLS develops over time.


It will take approximately three months to generate all of the mice needed for the study, after which the JAX research team will begin to study the mice in detail. 


This part of the research journey is a vital first step as this detailed study of the disease will catalogue and measure its symptoms, its progress over time and will provide invaluable baseline data for use in later stages of the project.


This step in the project represents an important development in the CdLS community, as research of this kind has never been conducted before.  It also represents a significant investment of funding in research that has been severely lacking in previous years. 


All these efforts are aimed, not just at developing the knowledge of CdLS in the medical and scientific communities, but to improve the lives of those living with this little-known condition.



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