29 May 2020

National Institutes of Health Grant to CdLS - Hope for Hasti


CdLS Hope for Hasti is thrilled to inform all our supporters that we have received a grant from the United States, National Institutes of Health to assist in our efforts to develop a ground-breaking gene therapy for Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS).


The National Institutes of Health recognises the significance of creating a novel treatment for CdLS, and has awarded an amazing $22,500 (£18000) grant toward Phase one of our research programme. The funds will be used to develop mouse models which will have the same gene mutation as Hasti. 


The development of this model which has been enabled by this grant, is the final component of Phase 1 of the Hope for Hasti research project which is now firmly underway.


Not only is the grant a welcome boost to the project’s finances but a huge endorsement from the US government’s national medical research agency. The NIH like us is committed in changing the lives of forgotten children who suffer from rare diseases using cutting-edge technology in medical advancement.


Thank you NIH and to all our dedicated supported who have helped us to reach this point.


Together, we are making a medical history.



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