• We have done our due diligence and selected some of the world’s experts in gene therapy to take on the CdLS Hope for Hasti, gene therapy project.


  • Today we want to introduce you to each of the partners we have selected – more info on each will be shared in other posts.


  • We have selected Dr Neil Hackett (right) to lead this research project as his credentials are second-to-none.


  • Vigene Biosciences have been tasked with the first phase of the project to create a vector that is a crucial part of the subsequent phases.  This lab is headed by Dr Jeffery Hung who has personally taken charge of manufacturing the vector.


  • There is no one better suited for this challenge than Jackson Laboratory who boast an extremely impressive history of successes.  They have taken over from phase 2 and reports back from them have been very encouraging – more news to follow.

  • The Wellcome Trust have kindly agreed to share with us their existing mouse models for further study. Porsolt, based in France, are also providing scientific advice and guidance to assist with our endeavours.


  • This project could not be in better hands.  As we complete each phase of the research, the team is growing in confidence that we will deliver the required results; a gene therapy that will transform the lives of people with CdLS HDAC8


  • If we had not received your support, encouragement and donations, we would not have been able to convert this ambitious dream of a challenge into a rapidly developing medical research project. See bios for the team members on our Team page

24 May 2020



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