22 May 2020


We won’t bombard you with complicated scientific data but we want our supporters to have an understanding of what amazing work is going on behind the scenes.


Phase 1 

This phase of the research project is well underway.  Vigene Bio Sciences are manufacturing the vector which will be used to ‘deliver’ the therapy into the cells of the body.

In this phase we will also create the mouse models which have the same gene mutation as Hasti.


Phase 2 

The research team will study the mouse models over successive generations to better understand the impact of CdLS.

This info will help the research team understand how effective the gene therapy is in Phase 3.


Phase 3 

The research team will treat the mouse models with the gene therapy and measure how effective it is and to show that it will be safe for use on human patients.

When we can show it works on mice, we can be confident it will work on human patients too.


If you have any questions or want more info, please email us any time -  hopeforhasti@gmail.com 



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