28 May 2020


As parents you can imagine how we are totally dedicated to doing everything we can to improve the future for our daughter, whilst at the same time offering other parents of young children with CdLS an avenue to explore for their child.

We have spent months researching who the experts are in gene therapy and Dr Neil Hackett was the name that everyone recommended.

After many conversations, it became clear that we had hit the jackpot with Dr Hackett. 

We have found our world expert who shares our passion.

Here’s a brief summary of his credentials…

-         137 scientific publications

-        3 granted patents and 4 pending applications

-      2 biotechnology companies started on the basis of these inventions

-        Co-investigator in 7 clinical trials of novel Biological drugs to treat neurological diseases


Dr Hackett has taken the lead on this project and helped us recruit the other experts required to undergo the very complex work needed to produce the results we are all aiming for.

Anyone that thinks this is a project lead by the heart will be reassured to know that this is a very real medical research project that is providing very encouraging data as we progress from phase to phase.


We are making medical history – you have made this happen – your belief in us has made this a reality.  Thank you!



Tel:  0044 79201 62569


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